Rochester Canoeists sweep “Adirondack 90 Miler!!!”

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Rob 1st placeThe Adirondack 90 Miler is an event that occurs every September saying goodbye to summer and welcoming in the beautiful New York autumn season.  The event is a tribute to the old Adirondack waterways that was used to travel throughout the region, before our modern road system was in place.

The event starts in Old Forge, ends in Saranac Lake and consists of approximately 84 miles of paddling or rowing, and 6 miles of carries (also known as portage).  The 3 days event consists of travelling about 30 miles a day through the pristine lakes, rivers, and land passages that connect the southern to northern Adirondacks.  Participants can choose a variety of boats to enter the event including kayaks, canoes, SUP, and the classic Adirondack Guide Boat.  This is not an event for the ill prepared, both physically and mentally.  Each day consists of approximately 7 hours of paddling, rowing, and carrying your boat and gear across over-land trails connecting the waterways.  Some years the conditions are pristine, while other years a participant will find themselves battling wind, waves, rain, broken oars and paddles, and other unforeseen obstacles.First Place

To some it is a race, to others it is a participation event, and some simply want to see the Adirondacks from a new perspective.  But to all, the goal is to finish!  Rochester Businessman and Philanthropist E. Phillip Saunders participates in this race every year, as do many other Rochester adventurist.  Mr. Saunders has won the event with his partner Gerhard Munger, of Lowville NY in the Adirondack Guideboat class on several occasions.  In 2009, The 2 man Adirondack Guideboat class was won by Phil Saunders and his partner Gerhard Munger, and the solo Adirondack Guideboat class was won by Rob Gunther to complete the “Rochester Sweep .

Additional information on this event can be found at—the-90-miler.html

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